Modeling with polyetilene and sand of the Sahara.

100 x 100     2007

How many times the diameter is conteined into a circumference? Pi times. Yes, but how much is Pi exactly? Nobody knows that. Every time you calculate e new decimal there is always a remainder, and the process doesn’t have an end. That’s the infinite. More eternal than Universe.

A recollection:

Central Sahara, Tadrart Akakus region (25°,15′ North latitude – 10°53′ East longitude).  It is about 6.25 PM of the 2nd January 2004. I have just finished pitching my tent for the night and I’m enjoying, in theunreal silence, the last sunrays. From a big plastic bottle I drink the last draughts of that fossil water I took two days before from a well nearby Messak Settafet. I look at that sand showing a more vivid and unreal colour, in the light of the sunset, I look at the empty bottle. Without thinking it over I fill that bottle with that sand, so even to seem sieved. I do it without almost knowing why, at that moment I’m only fascinated by that colour and that consistency. The bottle will get to the rolled sleeping bag and I will find it, at home back from the voyage.
A few years later, when I devoted myself to this picture, my thought immediately ran to that sand. That evening, in the desert, my istinct made me do something the reason didn’t still understand. Instinct sometimes prevails on reason. That is our fortune.